WaterWalkerz BodyZorbs

Birthday parties, Weddings, Stages, Schools, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Football.

WaterWalkerz BodyZorbs
Bodyzorbs are incredibly popular, profitable and easy to use.
Run parties and events for children or adults on grass, in an arena or in a sports hall. Simple and fun games like Soccer, Battle, Elimination, Catch the Flag and much more.
As long as you have 6 or more Bodyzorbs, you can play team games and have a very successful business.
WaterWalkerz BodyZorbs
WaterWalkerz BodyZorbs
Small BodyZorb

Small Bodyzorb Suitable for age 7 to 12 approx $500

Large BodyZorb

Large Bodyzorb Suitable for age 12 upwards approx $550


Blower (30 Seconds) $75

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