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Press & Videos

BBC Breakfast Bodyzorbing Feature
BBC Breakfast Bodyzorbing Feature
Mike Bushel tries out Bodyzorbing at a Bristol School
Blue Peter
Blue Peter Waterwalkerz
Blue Peter loved Waterwalkerz at this London Lido
CBBC Copycats
CCB Copycats Waterwalkerz in Final Challenge
Specially made Waterwalkerz balls for this popular CBBC show, showing that they can be great fun even on land.
2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony
2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony
Yes we were part of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony watched by billions. We made thinner and lighter balls with smiley faces and camera pockets. We still have some of these and they are available for sale (£500+VAT each)
BBC Breakfast Waterwalkerz
BBC Breakfast Waterwalkerz Feature
Mike Bushel tries out Waterwalkerz at a Southampton Pool
One Direction
One Direction
One Direction enjoyed Waterwalkerz, Bodyzorbs, Rollerz, Peddlerz and Moonwalkerz in their hit music video 'LWWY'