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Terms and Conditions


We cannot accept responsibility for any accidents which may occur through the use of these products.
You must have adequate risk assessments, supervision, health and safety policies and insurance
Please see instructions/safety for each product


Our delivery times should be taken as a guide and not a guarantee, sometimes couriers have problems or delays beyond our control, although we will try our best to get your goods to you as soon as possible we cannot be held responsible for late arrival of goods

If something is damaged during transit/If something arrives damaged we will need to see a photo or video of the damage before replacing or arranging repair

If something needs to be returned to us you will need to arrange the courier, if we are to reimburse you, you must use the cheapest option from or equivalent.

Usage and Damage

Our Products are made with the best possible materials, techniques and skilled workers.

They are all fantastic products and have been proven over and over to be incredibly popular and profitable and are made as strong as possible and to the highest standards possible.

However due to the nature of the products and how they will be used, they will require regular maintenance, repairs and replacements.

We want to make sure that all of our  customers are fully aware of this so please see the instructions information for each product before purchase and also the repairs page and information

Anyone who does not follow these instructions properly are likely to  have problems and damaged products.   We also strongly suggest that you video your staff operating the products and send it to us so that we can offer advice and feedback to assist you having great success with these great products.

If your product is damaged through use, even if it is only after a short period of time you will be responsible for the courier and repair costs

 Waterwalkerz Ball

Waterwalkerz balls are widely known to be the best in the world.
We use unique material, tools, welders, and a very skilled and experienced production team.
eams: 12 month warranty on the ball’s seams (in fact it is very unlikely that a seam will ever be a problem)
Handles/Anchor Points: No warranty, as improper use can damage a handle or anchor point.
We can replace handles/anchors if needed (see repairs page).
Zips: No warranty, as improper use can damage a zip. We can replace a zip if needed (see repairs page).
The most common problem is likely to be the zip and most problems can be avoided simply by following the instructional video and making sure that staff follow the instructions properly.
Although some people have been using the same balls for years, many of our customers believe that getting new balls each year is probably the best solution (so they look clean and fresh). It’s best to expect the balls to last a year, possibly replacing the zip after 6 months (although many people will use the same ball with the same zip for a number of years).

Repair Charges (See repairs page for full details)

£105+VAT for a new zip (Please note a zip can only be replaced once as there is no room to weld a 3rd zip)
Waterwalkerz Workshop, Dynamic Storage, Stover Rd, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5JN
£10+VAT for a new handle/anchor point/patch


Bodyzorbs are a fantastic product, incredibly popular, profitable and made as strong as possible, however due to the nature of the product and how they will be used, they will require regular maintenance and repairs.
They have been tested to withstand rolling, crashing and falling but their lifespan will depend heavily on their use. Although some operators may be able to use the same Bodyzorbs for a number of years, heavy use may mean replacing the Bodyzorbs annually, while also having to do regular maintenance and repairs including sending balls off for repair.
A puncture is usually very easily repaired with a bit of tear-aid (see repair video). Splits may occur and can also usually be repaired with ‘tear-aid’(see repair video). If the problem cannot be repaired by yourself, then you should contact us so that we can help.

If tear-aid is not adequate and does not fix the problem then a high-frequency welder should be able to solve the problem
You can either send them to us for repair or find a local company to do the repairs (contact any company involved with sailmaking/canvas/tarpaulin they will either have a high-freqency welding machine or know someone who has one.

Our repair charges..

Small split/puncture/handle repair: £10
Large split/puncture: £30
Spare handle £10 (Can be welded or glued on)
Spare Strap £10 (Need to be glued on)
2 Sections completely connected £70

You can send your Bodyzorb/s to the following address (make sure you clearly identify what and where the problems are with a note and arrow with a marker pen on the Bodyzorb). Also make sure that you include your contact details and return address.

Waterwalkerz Workshop, Dynamic Storage, Stover Rd, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5JN

We will usually re-weld the problem area or apply tear-aid.
Although most repairs should be quite quick we cannot guarantee an immediate availability for a repair. We will try our best to repair within a week.

We cannot be held responsible for an event that you may have booked and may miss because of out of a